As we know, the oldest UFO cases from Romania are two XVI Century UFO reports:

(1) "Year 7025 (1517) November 8, great sign was shown on the sky, because it was glowing from the north like a human face, and rested for a long time and again hid itself in the air."

The text is from the "Moldavian Yearbook" (Letopisetul tarii Moldovei), written by Grigore Ureche (1642-1647), reproduced in the paper "Could they be Flying Saucers?" in „Historic Magazine” 12/1968 (in original: „Sa fi fost oare farfurii zburatoare?”, Dalila-Lucia Arama, paleograf principal la cabinetul de manuscrise al Bibliotecii Academiei Romane, Magazin Istoric 12/1968). „Historic Magazine” is a popular but very serious historical monthly in Romania. This was the only paper dedicated to UFOs, in 48 years, in this magazine, probably due the fact that in 1968 some dramatic UFO sightings, well represented in media, were reported in Romania.

(2) In 15 October 1595, when Michael the Brave,prince of Wallachia, besieged the city of Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, temporarily occupied by Turks, above the military camp „a large comet appeared” and rested for two hours (according to an Italian report of the facts, redacted in Prague, and also to an other document). After three days the Turks were defeated. As no astronomic record mentions a comet for this day, and no comet is observed in only one place and day, the sighting should be accepted as unidentified.

An old German engraving printed in 1665 about the 1595 Targoviste case:

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