HobanaThe Romanian writer and ufologist Ion Hobana was born on January 25, 1931 at Sânnicolaul Mare, Timiş county, Romania. His real name was Aurelian Mantaroşie. He grew up in the city of Bârlad (Romanian Moldavia), where his father, Ion Mantaroşie, was magistrate. Here, in 1949, he graduated at the "Gheorghe Roşca Codreanu" high school. Then he graduated the Faculty of Philology of the Bucharest University, in 1954, with a diploma thesis about science fiction literature, the first of its kind in Romania.

Writer, journalist, editor, literary critic, essayist, translator, theorist of SF literature, Ion Hobana was a member of the Writers Union of Romania, and of Société Européenne de Culture, HG Wells Society, Centre International Jules Verne, Associazione Internazionale per gli Studi sulle Utopie. It has long been secretary of the Writers' Union. In recent years, he led the department of literature for children and youth of Bucharest Writers Association, being also member of the Board of the Writers Union of Romania. For all his work in Science Fiction he was awarded the grand prize of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts (1973), the special prize "Golden wings of fantasy" (1980) and the prize “World F” (Brighton, 1984).

In late 2009, when he was in full on a new working book, John Hobana was diagnosed with a relentless disease, the chances of survival being between 6 and 9 months. He worked hard and even though in September 2010 was bedridden, he managed to resist and give ready for printing in November his last work: "Over a hundred thousand years. A History of French Literature scientific imagination from its origins to 1900" (in Romanian; Romanian Academy Press), and he had the satisfaction to see his published book.

At the 2014 Romanian UFO Conference, a briefing was made about the history of gathering UFO data by the air force structures in several countries, and a briefing was made about attempts to obtain UFO information in Romania.

As we know, the oldest UFO cases from Romania are two XVI Century UFO reports:

The public interest in Romania toward UFOs begun in the 1968 „flap”, when several interesting reports reached the mass media.

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