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In May 2019, appeared in UK, at the Publishing house "Flying Disk Press", editor Philip Mantle, the book Hyper-civilizations - An Answer to ET Contacts on Earth, by Dan D. Farcas

There are an unimaginably great number of places in Universe where a civilization, similar to ours, could emerge and develop. Some of these civilizations must have appeared a very long time ago, and their representatives would have had enough time to reach the Earth and/or to manifest themselves through miracles. Why don't we notice any of these?

The book sets out, in detail, the most likely answer - the hypothesis that some civilizations which did not self-destruct, and after hundreds of millions of years of peacefull evolution, beyond the stage we are today, have turned into something else, that we can call hypercivilizations. They are watching over any new civilization that is born in the Universe, but with only minimal interventions in its evolution, with no technology exchange, help, or invasion. They could be near us for long time, but our minds can not accept this fact, because of a „cultural hypnosis”, produced by our materialist science, but not only.

The hypothesis of hypercivilizations is attesting a very old, non-earthly, presence nearby, and can explain many „magic” witnessed and reported. The book shows and argues in detail, in this respect, many kinds of evidence: UFOs, abductions, old writings and traditions, folklore, religions, but also features of many „paranormal” phenomena as: remote viewing, channeling, reincarnation, xenoglosy and others.

In UK appeared in September 2016 the book UFOs over Romania, by Dan D. Farcas, at the Publishing house "Flying Disk Press". The editor is veteran ufologist Philip Mantle. 


On November 12, 2016 in Rome, the 5th International Conference of the National Center ufologist Italian ufologist (CUN - Centro Nazionale Ufologico) took place. Special guest was ASFAN, represented by D. Dan Farcas, who talked about "Hypercivilizations and UFOs over Romania", based on his book, recently published in England: "UFOs over Romania".

by Rebecca Lomas, in September 30, 2016

A UFO book gathering interest and momentum at the moment is UFOs OVER ROMANIA. In the west, little is known about its author, Dan D. Farcas PhD. With that in mind, I recently took the opportunity to interview Dan in order to try and learn a little more about his interests and how he became involved in UFO research in his home country of Romania.

The Romanian Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (ASFAN) organized, on May 10, 2014, in the conference room of the Museum of Bucharest Municipality (in Suţu Palace historical building), the first edition of the „UFO Romania” Conference. Presentations were made by eyewitnesses, by ASFAN specialists, and by an invited guest from Germany. The Conference was also transmitted live on Internet and filmed. The films were posted on YouTube and some other sites.
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