This essay exposes a synthesis of the some current ideas, as well as personal opinions, about the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH): the possibility of existence of other civilizations in our Universe, some of them very old, the possibilities of contact with them, as well as the consequences for the study of the UFO phenomenon and for all of us.

How many civilizations are in the Universe?

Now it is accepted that major part of the stars have planets. The spectroscopy assures us that water and the basic components of carbonic life, including amino acids, are everywhere in Cosmos. More and more specialists admit that the germs of life are traveling throughout the space, „infecting” immediately all appropriate places. If the favorable conditions last several billion years, life can reach the abundance and complexity we see on our Earth. In some cases such a complex life system can give rise to a „technological civilization”, that means to intelligent beings capable to build spaceships to conquer other inhabitable planets.

How many such „technological civilizations” could be in this moment in the Universe, excepting ourselves? Frank Drake proposed in 1961 a well-known formula to estimate this number. Several researchers made, on this base, their own calculations, for our Galaxy - the Milky Way. The results were varying from tens of thousands to zero.

I did again this calculation, respecting more the spirit than the form of Drake equation. Some estimates give 400 billion stars in our Galaxy. Probable around 1.5 billion of them are third generation stars, with sufficiently long life span (minimum 5 billion years), with solid rocky planets, containing heavy elements, with stable orbits. Probable 20 millions of these planets are in the „ecosphere”, that is they have a temperature maintaining liquid water, sufficiently high gravity to retain the water for billions of years, a near circular orbit, a reasonable day-night and summer-winter alternation etc. Practically on all of them, the life will appear, but it will reach the abundance of what we see on Earth on about one million planets. One percent of such biospheres will give birth eventually, after billions of years of evolution, to a „technological civilization”. I hope I am not too optimistic supposing that 9 of 10 such civilizations will destroy themselves or will degenerate, but 1 of 10 will survive for a very long time, maybe millions of years, metamorphosing itself eventually in something we can name a supercivilization (or hypercivilization). Following our calculation, the Milky Way can give birth to around 1000 such supercivilizations. Several hundreds have emerged in the past, and exist to this day; the rest will appear in future. This is a good average between the figures proposed in literature.

But, if somebody considers that we were too optimistic, and the intelligent beings are much scarcer, we should add that our Milky Way is only one of about 100 billion more or less similar galaxies of the Universe accessible to our instruments. And we have strong reasons to believe that there are other universes too, maybe „parallel” ones, maybe from other states of matter etc. Therefore it is almost absolutely sure that in the Universe there are now many supercivilizations.

What can be a supercivilization?

Unfortunately, we know only one technological civilization - our own - and no supercivilization. Yet, the only more or less rational way to answer the question „what can be a supercivilization?” is to extrapolate our evolution in future, supposing we will avoid self‑destruction.

If the pioneers will not disappear, in several decades the planet Mars will be explored, as well as some other bodies in our Solar System. Afterwards we will start to think about other solar systems. There are one thousand stars in the neighborhood of 54 light years. 46 of them seam to have solar systems similar to ours.

In the last fifty years the engineers imagined a lot of starships to travel towards them. We can mention the thermonuclear ships ORION and DAEDALUS, the ionic ship YANTAR, the laser ships STARLIGHT or SUPERSTARLIGHT and so on. Not the technology is missing but the money and the motivation. These very „classical” ships can cover the distance of 4 light-years until the nearest star „Proxima Centauri” in fifty years. Arriving there, the travelers could build colonies and, maybe in other fifty years, three other starships. These starships, and the next generations of pioneers, would repeat the performance in another century and so on, as in a nuclear reaction. In this manner, the human race could conquer the Milky Way in one or two million years. Of course, supposing the science and technology will stop at the level of XXI century, which is extremely unlikely. Otherwise the time will be considerably shorter. Some other authors find greater or smaller values. Freeman Dyson or Joseph Shklovskii spoke about 10 million years; Stanislav Lem was convinced that this period will be only of several hundreds of thousands years.

But I am strongly convinced that in the next centuries (or sooner) we will discover new principles of physics to avoid the limitation imposed by the speed of light. Theories as the superstrings, the sub-quantum world, the energy of vacuum and many other new approaches, as well as some recent experiments assure us that, in several centuries, all actual preconceptions concerning the nature of substance, space, time, dimensions etc. will be changed. Thus the inter-stellar travels will be much simpler and much shorter than we can imagine today.

The human race will change too. Research projects are in progress concerning regeneration, extension of life expectancy, genetic engineering, bio-robots, cyborgs, etc. Almost all bigger artificial objects will become „intelligent” in the near future, with integrated microchips, and will be interconnected, through the Internet, with all computers and databases in the world. The wireless command of all those appliances and computers will be made by microprocessors implanted in head, connected directly to the human brain. In less than one hundred years it will be sufficient to think about a topic and in the next moment all the requested information will be in the mind of the person interested. We will see through eyes situated thousands of kilometers away, we will act with robot arms at the same distance, or we will meet each other in the virtual reality, all only through this kind of implant, without the complicated appliances used today in tele-presence. Moreover, we will speak to each other „mind-to-mind”, through the digital network, without sounds, and at any distance.

In the XXX century shall we still use words to communicate? Shall we still be bound to our physical body? We can continue with these questions. But all the above is only for the next several centuries. What could bring us the progress in one million years is far beyond our imagination. Therefore it seams almost sure that a supercivilization will have no problems to perform interstellar travels in a reasonable time, and that we could not make the distinction between the technology of such supercivilization and magic.

The time gap

If our estimates were correct, the average distance in space between the supercivilizations in our Galaxy is of several thousands light years. But, paradoxically, not these distances give the most important divide, but those in time.

As we accept now, the age of the observable Universe is 13.8 billion years, starting with the „Big Bang”. We were lucky, as it was a Universe favorable for life (the Anthropic Principle). At the beginning there were only hydrogen and helium. Stars of first and second generation were formed and burst after some time, creating heavy elements to form third generation stars as the Sun, with some rocky planets as our Earth. More than 4 billion years ago the life began to develop on it. Two billion years ago the first eukaryote cell appeared, after another billion, the first tiny worm, and, in the last billion, the descendants of this worm realized a technological civilization.

In this marathon of 13.8 billion years, of the life and intelligence throughout the Universe, the chances were different in different places. This difference could be of hundreds of millions years or more. As an example, at 37 light years from us there are two stars: Zeta1 and Zeta2 Reticuli, both of them of the same type as the Sun, but older than it with one billion years. By coincidence or not, these stars are often mentioned in the UFO abduction stories as the origin of abductors.

If we accept, for the sake of simplicity, that the several hundred supercivilizations supposed to be in the Milky Way were born, in a uniform way, along one billion years, it results that supercivilizations appear each 2-3 million years. This is the „normal” gap between two neighboring civilizations in time, despite the fact that, in all SF encounters, the technological distance between two civilizations is only of several hundreds or thousands of years.In 2-3 million years, a technological civilization should be transformed in something else, maybe in spiritual beings, or virtual beings, maybe in something we cannot even imagine. And we have to think also about the oldest supercivilization, which could have at least one billion years ahead of us. I repeat - our ancestor, one billion years ago, was a small worm. In the next billion the evolution can be faster. What should be now they, the masters of supercivilizations, what shape they have, after another billion? We can only hypothesize that they became a Higher Intelligence.

The key to answer to the most of the problems linked with our cosmic destiny lies in this huge time gap, of hundreds of millions of years, between the early supercivilizations and us Where are they?

Following our estimates, our civilization could have conquered the Galaxy in a maximum of two million years. Almost sure, all supercivilizations did somehow the same before us, millions of years ago. Therefore they should know, for long time, a lot about us and they should be here, now. But, at least officially, they are not. The tradition says that Enrico Fermi put first, around 1950, the rhetorical question: „They should be here; where are they?” Were we wrong? Are we, in spite of our calculations, alone in the Universe?

For most of the people it seems normal that if some (friendly) space travelers come to us, they should land at the White House Lawn (why not in Place de la Concorde, or in front of the Buckingham Palace, or in the Red Place or Tien An Men Place etc?). The visitors should ask to see the Big Chief of the Earth, and to offer us some new technologies in exchange for some goods or rights here (e.g. row materials or genetic experiments on humans), and so on. For most of the people it seems normal that a cosmic civilization will send us, by radio, some signals about their existence, and waiting for an answer. For many others, a space invasion, as in the „Independence Day” movie, is perfectly plausible (as well as the final victory of USA). All these scenarios about ET contact are false, being mined by serious preconceptions.

A list of several ET preconceptions

We can start with the preconception of equal rights. A difference of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions, is as huge as between us and a monkey or a lizard. If they are here (as it is highly probable), they can examine us, monitor our evolution, even contact us in some form, but they will never put them at the same level with us.

The second could be the preconception of conversation. Even we interact sometimes with a lizard; this will never be a conversation. G. Cocconi and P. Morrison, argued in 1959, that if the difference between two civilizations is of millions of years, the probability they exchange ideas is zero.

Another preconception is the temporal chauvinism (or temporal provincialism upon J. Allen Hynek). It states that, in opposition with the previous centuries, the last one or the last two hundred years brought us finally to the light of truth and science. In this light, now we can decide what can be real and what will never be possible. If one hundred years ago or so we discovered the radio, some believe it will last the best mean of communications forever. If one hundred years ago Einstein postulated that the speed of light is a limit, no other physical law will be discovered until the end of times to avoid this limit, etc. As a peculiar example, we have theSETI preconception. According to it, even if the radio signals need thousands of years from one inhabited word to other, some civilizations will consider that these radio signals are the most appropriate mean for cosmic contacts; and we should search for them.

For some people (I suspect many of them are linked with the military-industrial complex) it should be normal if a cosmic civilization arrives on Earth, it will attempt to conquer us by force. They should be „invaders”, as in so many SF novels and movies. This can be named the preconception of the invasion. If we agree with the reasoning in the first part of this article, we should accept that, for almost sure, no invasion will take place in future. That is because the supercivilizations knew that we are here, millions of years ago, therefore they could invade us in those times and, in a certain sense, probably we are already invaded by them, for millions of years.

There are some well-known footprints in stone, as in Berea (Kentucky) or Antelope Springs (Utah) as old as 500-600 million years. Inside rocks formed thousands or millions of years ago, very old and unexplainable technical objects were found too, as those of Schöndorf (Austria), Coso Mountains (California), Narada river (East Ural, Rusia), etc., even in Romania near Aiud, in the bed of the river Mures. Maybe they are signs that somebody is visiting us for a very long time.

Of the same kind is the preconception of intervention. The UFO sects hope that the ET will help us (or at least the „chosen”) to overcome some future catastrophes. Although it is not a perfect comparison, we can remember that centuries ago, when people arrived to a new place (e.g. a wild valley, an uninhabited island) they settled, building houses, destroying the forest to make agriculture, bringing cows, pigs, hens, killing tigers, bears, wolfs etc. But now, in the name of biodiversity, we understand that this attitude cannot continue, and in the last decades we witness a strong ecological movement. Now the norm is that if we discover a valuable piece of land, which escaped from the human intervention, a new island or a new valley in the rain forest, we shall declare it a reservation, permitting only a very limited intervention, for scientific reasons. Following these regulations of non-intervention, a researcher cannot help today even a baby turtle to overcome an obstacle toward the sea. This attitude seems to be strengthening in future. A supercivilization observing the Earth and the human technological civilization should act in a similar manner, avoiding to interfere in our evolution, but taking samples, making some experiments, having very limited contacts (not at all as equals) with only some individuals, selected upon their and not our criteria. With the premises above, we can accept that the Earth could be seen as a cosmic reservation monitored by some supercivilizations (it is close to the so-called zoo hypothesis). There are, in my opinion, some other stronger reasons for non-intervention too, which transcend the zoo hypothesis. I will refer to them later in this paper.

Therefore no settlement, no destruction, on one hand, and no official contact, conversation or substantial help, on the other hand, are to be expected from the advanced cosmic civilizations, even if they are here now.

The primitive ET hypothesis and some questions about UFOs

Many persons promote and believe in what we can call a primitive extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). In opposition with the advanced ETH exposed earlier in this article (that of supercivilizations), the primitive ETH states: that everything with ET is „nuts and bolts” material, that the limit imposed by the speed of light will never be transcended (or not too much) by any civilization, that all travel in Cosmos will be made from one planet to another, by more or less STARLIGHT type spaceships, and, very important, that the difference, in evolution, between two encountering civilizations is equivalentwith several hundreds or thousands of years, at most.

Obviously, with this meaning of the concept „extraterrestrial”, many significant researchers are reluctant to accept the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. The best example is probably Jacques Vallée. He expressed four main objections in this respect.

The first objection was that there are too many UFO landings to be ships of some space explorers. A Romanian skeptic asked even if „did the Earth became kind of Cosmic Mecca?” I believe, for a supercivilization the cosmic distances are more affordable than to us, thanks to their additional millions of years of scientific and technological progress. But if we accept the supercivilizations monitor us for a long time, they can have some cosmic bases nearby, the UFOs being seemingly suitable mainly for short distances. On the other hand, the apparition of a new technological civilization, candidate for a future supercivilization, is a rare event in a Galaxy, occurring once in several hundreds of thousands or even in several millions of years. We are probably alone, in our entire Galaxy, for a long time, in this new‑born” phase. It is nothing unusual that such an event is of a great interest for the older civilizations.

The second objection was that the reported behavior of UFOs is too strange (non-inertial movements, weightlessness, curved or cut beams of light, stopping the time, beings passing through the walls etc.). But for the inhabitants of the rain forest, the wireless Internet could be magic too. They did sometimes even worship our technical achievements. And do not forget - the distance in evolution between a possible supercivilization and us is many thousands time greater than between the rain forest people and us.

To say „it is impossible” because „it contradicts the laws of the nature” is a proof of a great arrogance or ignorance. Jean-Jacques Rousseau observed that „to say that something contravene the laws of the nature you should know the laws of nature. Who can say that he knows all of them?” In the same manner, several centuries before, a scholar was denying the possibility of miracles, because they contradict the laws of nature. Saint Thomas Aquinas answered him „You believe you know all the laws of the nature?”

Why now, at the beginning of XXI century, some still behave as if they know all of them? (Moreover, what we know are not the laws of the nature but the laws of Newton, Einstein and so on, which may be reviewed).

Genetic experiments

The third objection of Jacques Vallée was that the reported appearance of EBE („extraterrestrial biological entities”) associated with the UFO encounters are too close to the shape of humans. There are even reports about alleged interbreeding, which would be possible only if humans and extraterrestrials are of the same species. This is a serious objection indeed. On one hand, the carbonic life, based on the DNA, seems to be the base for most (if not all) life forms in the Universe, not because it is the only possible, but because it was the most efficient in the marathon that begun with the Big Bang. On the other hand it is highly improbable that the creators of two independent civilizations, born on two different planets, far away in space and time, will be genetically close (in terms of DNA).

But - who can say what interbreeding technologies could be discovered in future by the genetic engineering, after not hundreds but millions of years? We can only speculate, for example, that an elusive supercivilization could try to realize, using genetic materials from the Earth, new human races, with greater brain, with higher intelligence, adapted for some special tasks, etc. Many „races” described by the alleged abductees (the grays, the tall blonds etc.) can be such artificial human races or even bio-robots derived from the human species. They can be „produced” for example in reservations or bases somewhere outside the Earth. In the same manner we make new varieties of wheat from the traditional ones. Sometimes, the perfect variety of wheat became sterile or exposed to new diseases. At that moment the agronomists will try to find some appropriate genes in the pool represented by the primitive species of wheat, to improve the „perfect” variety. What if humans on Earth are the „wild pool” of genes, suitable to improve some artificial races? In this case it will be no problem of compatibility between the visitors and us. Hypotheses like this could explain much of the reported UFO abduction and hybridization stories.

Some people even suppose there were an external intervention in the apparition of the mankind as well as subsequent interventions to improve it. For what purpose? To create, finally, the "superman" dreamed by Nietzsche? For more creativity or an increased intelligence? Some analysts estimate that the volume of the brain of an EBE is at least double in comparison with that of humans. What is interesting is that human babies with such a big brain cannot be born in the natural way, because of the anatomical limitations of pelvis. The abortion after three months and the subsequent development of the embryos in incubators, as in UFO abduction stories, could be a solution...

The old writings are full of genetic experiments to improve the human species. In the Bible we have the creation of Eve from Adam's rib (cloning?), afterwards undesirable hybrids were made by the fallen angels, Noah was an ideal offspring, any other human being to be destroyed (as it is written in theBook of Enoch), etc. There are such examples in the writings of many other religions and in popular traditions. The Greek heroes as Achilles, Perseus, Hercules etc. were supposed to be half-human half-divine hybrids. Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar and many others pretended to have a similar origin. In addition we have the stories about incubus and succubus in the roman antiquity, or about fairies in the Middle Ages, and other similar creatures almost everywhere. In the present days we have all the UFO abduction and hybridization stuff, starting with the case of Antonio Villas Boas. With almost no exception all the actors performing such hybridization were coming from the skies. It seems to be more than a coincidence.

 All genetic experiment stories: from the Bible, from other religious or folkloric traditions and from UFO abduction reports, are compatible with the monitoring of Earth and of mankind by a Higher Intelligence, belonging to supercivilizations.

Why they do not offer us their technologies?

A fourth objection of Jacques Vallée was that the scientific and technological level shown by UFO visitors to the abductees is too close to ours. This contradicts, a bit, his second objection. But, if we accept it, that could have two explanations: on one hand, the reports contain only what the witnesses understood, and a person understands more or less what he can explain in terms of our current scientific and technological concepts. On the other hand, it could be an „embargo” imposed by the visitors themselves, due to their non‑intervention policy, an interdiction to show us too much.

The old traditions allude to this “embargo”; e.g. prohibition of eating from the tree of knowledge, punishing the angels who gave people knowledge (in the Book of Enoch), chaining Prometheus etc.

In many reports the visitors stated that they fear the human aggressiveness and xenophobia. All the technology in the hands of humans becomes weapons. Advanced technologies given to the humans would lead to a great danger, both for us and for other civilizations. Therefore the whole mankind should come to a moral maturity before any exchange of sophisticated technologies.

Another argument often used is that showing us too much, even giving us a final proof of their existence (as the requested landing on the White House Lawn) will lead to a „cultural shock”, virtually destroying all our social, religious, economical, political, cultural etc. structures. I suppose it is still more than that. The supercivilizations should have a complete exchange of ideas, technologies etc. among them. Eventually this complete exchange leads to a deadlock. A new, fresh, viewpoint can be offered only by an outsider, with two conditions: to have sufficient maturity as civilization (to have something to say to the supercivilizations and to resist their „cultural shock”) and to be not influenced in the past, in any way, by the older civilizations.

Therefore, as a hypothesis, we can state that the Cosmic Intelligence is elusive also because it is waiting something very important, not only for us but for itself too. It waits (and maybe harvests even now) our original ideas, viewpoints, creation, produced as a result of millions of years of our independent evolution, and all this could be destroyed by a premature contact.

The Database Earth

Trying to extrapolate our own future, to understand better what a supercivilization could be, we do not neglect of course the progresses of information and communication technology. Upon some estimates, all verbal information used by a person in his life is about 30-100GB. If we add all the images, this will sum up to around 1 million GB. Around the year 2040, the memory of an average computer will attain this capacity. Until the end of the century, probably all information, all thoughts, all small gestures, concerning all human beings on Earth could be stored in the memory of one computer. It is not yet clear through what kind of channels the information will be collected, the best „nuts and bolts” solution could be a chip implanted directly in connection with the brain (there are many experiments in this direction); but it is a „technical detail” A very important reduction in size will be achieved retaining only the „essential” ideas, gestures etc., because many of them are repeated, or are common for most people.

From the data about him, a person could be restored in a virtual reality. In the „cyberspace” we shall construct alternate worlds; there we shall meet living or deceased people, not only with their appearance, but also with their ideas and gestures. They will answer even new questions, in the manner they would answer in their life, thanks toartificial intelligencetechnologies. Gradually it will be more and more difficult to distinguish the material reality from the virtual one, as it is suggested in some recent SF movies.

If a supercivilization is interested to „harvest” the information produced by humans, it will install such a „memory” somewhere nearby, and will install also appropriate appliances to collect data (maybe implants, but more likely something more sophisticated), at least from some interesting persons. Such a „memory” will be somehow similar with our virtual reality. In it, images from the past will be included, as well as scenarios of the future. Of course, a supercivilization can do much more in this respect. For example, it could maybe give to the virtual copies of a person some autonomy, the consciousness of living further, after their death, even some initiative or free will.

It is difficult to say what kind of „hardware” this memory could be based on, but it should not be material as a present-day computer. Many abductees or contactees spoke about ethereal light balls as „deposits of knowledge and intelligence”, memorizing „everything in the Universe”. Such a „memory” installed by a Higher Intelligence is frequently recalled, in many traditions, starting with the „Book of Life” in the biblical writings or the „Akashic Records” of Tibet and India, and up to the more prosaic „Galactic Encyclopedia” of Carl Sagan.

If such a memory exists (and it is highly probable), it can explain many paradoxical reports. This memory could be the source for channeling (as for healers like Edgar Cayce, or for remote viewers, as Ingo Swann, etc.), for speaking in languages never learned, etc. Such a memory can account for „walk-ins”, for „reincarnation”, for stories of past lives, ghosts, etc., as all of these phenomena could be insights of the medium to the knowledge about deceased people. It can even explain how Hamlet could obtain information from his murdered father.

In such a virtual reality, time is different. We can travel, in it, in the past, and even interfere in some events, but only in the virtual reality, without actually changing the “actual” past. We can also travel in future, encountering catastrophes, apocalyptic events, without the necessity to accept an unchangeable future (contradicting our free will), because this future is only a scenario, with a certain probability to be accomplished, and not an implacable fate.

Therefore, many of UFO encounters, as well as many other mystical or unexplainable encounters throughout the world, could be, at least in part, such virtual contacts, staged by the masters of a supermemory installed by a Higher Intelligence belonging to supercivilizations.

Spiritual worlds?

It is highly improbable the world of supercivilizations is the same as ours. In millions of years of evolution the Cosmic Intelligence should discover not only traveling skills avoiding the limit of the speed of light, but also some other forms of the matter (the two seems to be in connection). As all the material particles are accompanied by a wave and can be regarded in both manners, maybe there is also a structured spiritual double of the material Universe as well as of the living creatures in it. The „supermemory” could be itself something „spiritual”. We can speculate even further, supposing for example that the spiritual world was before, or that the material world is only a kind of a great virtual reality or so, even these hypotheses seem unlikely.

Also, the whole Universe (or rather the Multiverse”) could be much older and much more complex than the part we can observe with our instruments. What was before the Big Bang”? What is beyond the limits of our close Universe (maybe in another dimension or another state of reality, maybe in a spiritual state of the matter)? If there is another Universe, similar to ours, that mean we can have an infinity of them. Accepting that our Universe was born by a „Big Bang”, maybe we should accept also an ending „Big Crunch” after, let us say, 100 billions of years. Is this time sufficient for the intelligence born inside this Universe to find an escape? To move to another Universe? If so, we should accept the existence of a Higher Intelligence much older than our Universe. It could be, around us, as well a hierarchy of supercivilizations and of intelligence, potentially with no end.

Supercivizations and Divinity

Therefore, even if we were too optimistic, the probability is 0.99999… that a supercivilization is now here on Earth, monitoring us. In the history, in old writings, as well as in our days, there are many reports about unexplained facts and happenings (including the UFO encounters), that seem to prove its presence. They are in general ignored or refuted by the mainstream science and seldom accepted as miracles by the Church. However, now, when we have huge databases on them, we discover that these reports are so many, and so self-consistent, that we could accept them as an evidence for the presence of the supercivilizations on Earth.

The science and technology as well as the objectives of such supercivilizations are far beyond our understanding. The same is true for the endless hierarchies of supercivilizations. As it was observed, it is not possible for humans to distinguish between the acts of a civilization, millions of years ahead of us, and magic. We can add: in the limits of rationality, the human mind cannot distinguish between the activity of such supercivilizations and what we know as sacred, holy, or divine.

As an example, the statement that divinity has unlimited powers, leads to a paradox: can Divinity erect a wall so resistant that even he cannot destroy it? If yes, his power is limited by that wall, if not, there are limits in what he can do. The rational answer is to accept, instead of the self-contradictory unlimited power”; attributes like more powerful than anything that we can imagine”. Or we can say that this attribute of divine is beyond our understanding. In both cases we have a good example that we cannot distinguish between a supercivilization in the top of the hierarchy (or its main leadership) and divinity. The same can be repeated for all attributes of the divine. For example, instead of  without beginning”, we can say older than any other intelligence in the larger Universe” and so on.

If we define a concept, we should distinguish it from other concepts. If we have no means to distinguish two concepts, we should recognize that the two concepts are identical (at least for us) and we have only two names for the same concept. In our case, we can not distinguish the Higher Intelligence of a supercivilization in the top of the hierarchy” from Divinity”. Therefore for us Higher Intelligence of supercivilizations” is just another name for Divine.

Closing remark

Of course, the reader understood that all the above is not a proof that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is the explanation for everything strange, and particularly for UFOs. But it is, beyond all exotic conjectures, a reasoning that the extraterrestrial hypothesis (of course not the primitive one) cannot be discarded with the arguments we have at this moment. More than that, this hypothesis seems to be highly probable. Of course, there is room for other hypotheses too, and we have still to wait for the certain, doubtless answers.

Dan D. Farcas


-                This paper was published in the European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies - EJUFOAS - in the September 2002 issue. In the version above I made some minor, mainly formal, changes.

-                Some recent, similar, approaches use, instead of „supercivilizations”, the possibly more appropriate term „hypercivilizations”.

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