During the 70s, in a village in the Mountains of Buzau, AV left to pick up few special rocks for a friends aquarium. Searching the rivers clear water, he saw something that looked like a rock, yet it wasnt. It had the roundness of a stone, this proved it laid for a long time in the riverbed and a lot of water pored over it, but it resembled a honeycomb, filled with clay.

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After washing this object, he sow it was made out of small square pilled up pipes, its sides measuring 1 mm, forming a strange unnatural structure. This object was brought to Bucharest, put in a box and left in a closet.
In the year 1999, during a conversation we had (I have just become an ASFAN member) about UFOs, paranormal and ancient object, AV remembers and tells me about the strange object he had found in the Mountains of Buzau. As I insisted, he searched for it, found it and brought it to me.
At a first glance, the object which I named „the honeycomb”, is very fragile and brittle. It also looks like a silicate (the pipes’ walls are made up of fine particles of sand, pressed up in a pattern). As „the honeycomb” presents itself, this was a larger object, eaten away by time and river water.
In the year 1999, together with mister Harald Alexandrescu, the coordinator of the Astronomic Observatory „Admiral Vasile Urseanu” Bucharest, went to different offices, such as The Faculty of Geology, The Grigore Antipa Museum, including IRM (The Institute for Rare Metals), but without any result. Nobody could tell us what the object we showed them was.
Moreover, we had the curiosity to study the object by a microscope. Naturally, the mystery amplified because in „the honeycomb’s” structure we could see tiny, colored micro-spheres! White, black, golden, red, green, blue, yellow, micro-spheres.
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We insist upon getting an answer or an explanation from anyone willing: What is this object and to what purpose it served before 1970?

Gheorghe Cohal 

Note: It was told it would be a catalytic converter, but this device could not be in 1970, in such state, in a creek in Buzau Mountains. In addition, the micro-spheres do not resemble those of a catalytic converter
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