On November 12, 2016 in Rome, the 5th International Conference of the National Center ufologist Italian ufologist (CUN - Centro Nazionale Ufologico) took place. Special guest was ASFAN, represented by D. Dan Farcas, who talked about "Hypercivilizations and UFOs over Romania", based on his book, recently published in England: "UFOs over Romania".

The text of the presentation CAN BE READ HERE. CUN1Veteran ufologist Roberto Pinotti, former President of CUN, Vladimir Bibolotti, the acting president of CUN, Paolo Guizzardi employed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alfredo Magenta from the Italian Permanent Representation to UN Geneva, both members of the CUN, as well as many others, presented also exposures. CUN3In the adjacent images can be seen: Roberto Pinotti and Dan Farcas; Dan Farcas, Paolo Guizzardi and Vladimir Bibolotti; and a sequence during the exposures.CUN2
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