In UK appeared in September 2016 the book UFOs over Romania, by Dan D. Farcas, at the Publishing house "Flying Disk Press". The editor is veteran ufologist Philip Mantle. 


The book, written directly in English, for foreign readers, contains a history of UFO sightings in Romania, as well as a history of the Romanian ufology. It contains cases investigated by Ion Hobana, Calin Turcu, Adrian Pătruţ etc, as well as cases - many unpublished before - investigated by the author. The book contains old sightings, starting from the 16-th century, objects and lights seen in the sky or out of water, observations made by fighter pilots, close encounters with humanoids (first in 1939), abductions, and connections with folkloric, paranormal and religious phenomena. It includes around 50 illustrations.
The book has received good reviews from ufologists as Nick Pope (UK), John Hanson (UK) Albert Rosales (USA), Irena Scott (USA), Brian Allan (UK), A.J.Gevaerd (Brazil), Timo Koskenniemi (Finland ), etc.

The book has been commented in the newspaper TheSun

The author gave several interviews on the book. One is at TheMooreShow
In 2018, a German version appeared: UFOs über Rumänien, and in 2019 a Spanish version: OVNIs SOBRE RUMANIA.
UFOs Rumänien Cover Spanish cover 1

In the spring of 2020, a French version appeared: OVNIs en Roumanie. In 2017 a romanian version was also published: OZN-uri deasupra României

FINAL COVER RD0coperta OZN uri deasupra Ro2


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