The Romanian Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (ASFAN) organized, on May 10, 2014, in the conference room of the Museum of Bucharest Municipality (in Suţu Palace historical building), the first edition of the „UFO Romania” Conference. Presentations were made by eyewitnesses, by ASFAN specialists, and by an invited guest from Germany. The Conference was also transmitted live on Internet and filmed. The films were posted on YouTube and some other sites.
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The program was divided into two sessions.

In the first session: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Romanian Air Force, three cases of military UFO encounters were presented, each with multiple witnesses, namely: (1) Alexeni Case, 1984, presented by General (ret.) Emil Strainu ; (2) Mihai Kogalniceanu Case, 1989, presented by Colonel (ret.) Platon Streja and Colonel (ret.) Aurelian Dobre (recorded on video), but backed bystatementsof other witnessestoo. (3) Buzau Case, 1992, presented by Colonel (ret.) Marcel Smoleanu and lt.comandor (ret.) Doru Dragoi (recorded on video). The three UFO encounters were uncovered only recently and are almost entirely unknown abroad. The cases are rather old, but the witnesses accepted to talk about them only after roughly twenty years after the events, and when they were retired from active duty. This explains also that some data has not the expected accuracy. Active pilots – all of them – are understandably reluctant to report possible UFO encounters…

ASFAN ufologists discussed repeatedly with all those nominated below. They said it seems normal to them to talk about the events they lived. But some other witnesses, contacted by ASFAN, although admitted that they saw the event, refused to talk about, and asked not to reveal their identity. Some statementsof witnesses are recorded on video and posted on the net. There are some differences between the declared, but we tried not to influence these statements, especially given the age of the cases and the lack of documents.

Then, Dan D. Farcas, chairman of ASFAN, made two presentations about declassifying UFO documents involving military aircrafts in some countries and about ASFAN relationship with military and civilian aviation authorities in Romania.

Discussions with the presenters followed.

In the second session: Objects, whose origin cannot be explained, George Cohal, ASFAN executive director, presented the latest information on the "aluminium heel" found near the city Aiud (Alba county), and Cristina Aldea, President of the Cologne (Germany) branch of the SSA (Society for Research in Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI, Erich von Däniken driven), member of the Italian National Ufology Centre, a special guest of the conference, spoke of unexplained beings and OOPARTS (Out of place artefacts) found in different areas of the Earth. This session was also followed by a discussion.

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